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9013 FSG, FRG, FYG Square D Pressure Switches
For over 65 years, Square D Pumptrol™ FSG Pressure Switches have been used to monitor and control electrically driven water pumps. A long-time industry standard, many more Square D brand switches are installed on pumps than any other switch available on the market today. You can trust that Square D products will to do the necessary job every time.

9013FSG Water Pump Switch, controls on-off Jet Pumps and Submersible pump well motors.
9013FTG Water Pump Switch same as the FSG but with a fixed, or non adjustable pressure differential. For those who want a water switch that is strictly for monitoring applications, or one whose setting can not be changed, or tampered with.
9013FYG Water Pump Switch designed to meet slightly higher HP and Pressure requirements than the 9013FSG, otherwise same as the 9013FSG.
9013FRG Switch with Reverse acting contacts, opposite of 9013FSG operating sequence, otherwise same as 9013FSG.
9013 FHG Air Compressor Pressure
Switches set the standard for reliability, efficiency and durability. Suited for DIY, commercial and industrial air compressors applications
  • Rugged, robust construction provides a long life and provides years of uninterrupted, worry-free service
  • Feature drift proof cut-in and cut-out settings
  • Has visible vertical contacts, easy to inspect without removal
  • An extra strong frame that resists distortion when mounting the switch to a compressor
  • Designed for the direct control of motors in pump and compressor applications.
  • Diaphragm actuated
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