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Unit of Measure

UL File


CSA File

N/A LR24590 Class 3211-03

CE Marked

N/A Yes

RoHS compliant

N/A Yes

Ring Nut Material

N/A Black Plastic

Button/Cap Color

N/A n/a

Button Type

N/A n/a

Guard Type

N/A n/a

NEMA / IP Rating

N/A NEMA 1/2/3/3R/4/4X/6/12/13 Water tight, Dust tight, Oil tight and Corrosion Resistant (Indoor/Outdoor), IP66

Key Number

N/A n/a

Key Removal

N/A n/a

Knob Color

N/A Blue

Knob Type

N/A Standard Knob

Lens Color

N/A not applicable

Lens Type

N/A not applicable

Light Module Supply Voltage

N/A not applicable

Light Module Type

N/A not applicable

Number of Operators

N/A 1

Number of Positions

N/A 2

Operator Action

N/A Maintained

Operator Type

N/A Non-Illuminated